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Our comprehensive services encompass a holistic approach to labor law compliance for our esteemed clients. We begin by conducting in-depth reviews of their labor law practices, followed by meticulous gap analyses. Our consulting services are then tailored to bridge these identified gaps, ensuring both our clients and their contractors are fully compliant with the prevailing regulations.

In addition to our consulting efforts, we provide invaluable training and guidelines on labor law rules and stipulations, equipping our clients and their contractors with the knowledge needed to navigate the intricate landscape of labor laws. We also meticulously document and maintain records and registers on behalf of our clients, alleviating administrative burdens.

Our support extends to facilitating statutory remittances, returns, and challans that necessitate submission to government bodies. Some key facets of our client support activities include:

1. Registration and Licensing: We assist in obtaining registrations and licenses where applicable, facilitating the legal framework for our clients.

2. Amendments and Renewals: Timely amendments and renewals are a priority, ensuring compliance is maintained before due dates.

3. Human Resources Manual: We craft customized Human Resources Manuals to align with each client’s organizational requirements.

4. Periodic Returns: Our services include the preparation and filing of periodic returns under various labor laws, adhering to compliance calendars.

5. Documentation and Registers: We meticulously handle the documentation and maintenance of registers mandated by diverse labor laws.

6. Audits and Reporting: Regular audits of both Principal Employers and Vendors under relevant labor laws are conducted. Audit reports are shared with management, along with recommendations for corrective and preventive actions.

7. Regulatory Updates: We keep clients informed with timely updates and newsletters regarding the latest notifications issued by authorities.

8. Advisory Services: Our expert team offers strategic advice to management on various labor law-related issues.

9. Training and Development: We provide comprehensive labor law training programs to enhance client and contractor understanding.

10. Recruitment and Staffing: Our services even extend to recruitment and staffing support.

Our commitment to excellence in labor law compliance is underpinned by a comprehensive and proactive approach, ensuring our clients can navigate the intricacies of labor laws with confidence.

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